Taktsang, The Tigress’ Nest

Paro Taktsang, the icon of Bhutan known to the outside world as “Tigress’ Nest” is a Buddhist Monastery built clinging on the cliff above Paro Valley, Bhutan. It lies on altitude of 3120 meters above the sea Level. Also one of the famous tourist destination, Paro Taktsang provides one with unforgettable experience due to it’s […]

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Drukgyel Dzong

Located about half an-hour drive from Paro Town, the ruins of Drukgyel Dzong was built in 1649 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal to control of the route to Tibet. The dzong was named ‘Druk’ (Bhutan) ‘gyel’ (victory) to commemorate the victory of Bhutan over Tibetan invaders in 1644. One of the features of the dzong was a […]

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Paro Tshechu (8N/9D) Festival Tour

The Paro Tshechu is held every spring and is one of the most colorful and significant events in Paro Dzongkhag (district). The Paro Tshechu (Festival) provides a perfect time and place to to witness the pristine environment with blossoming vegetation, unfluring of Thongdrel (Big Scroll Paintings) over the size of large building, taste the colors […]

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