School of Thirteen Arts and Crafts

The National institute also called as “Zorig Chu-sum” offers four to six years course of study in 13 different Traditional Arts & Crafts of Bhutan. These are:

  1. Shingzo (Wood Crafting)
  2. Doh Zo (Stone Crafting)
  3. Par Zo (Carving)
  4. Lha Zo (Painting)
  5. Jim Zo (Sculpting)
  6. Lug Zo (Casting)
  7. Shak Zo (Wood Turning)
  8. Gar Zo (Blacksmith)
  9. Troe Zo (Ornamenting)
  10. Tsha Zo (Bomboo Work)
  11. De Zo (Paper Making)
  12. Tshem Zo (Embroidery, Tailoring and similar works)
  13. Thag Zo (Weaving)

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